Tanzanite mini quilt


First of all – I am terrible at keeping secrets that I’m excited about. The absolute worst. My husband has received his birthday gift early every. single. year. – because I  have ZERO ability to wait until his actual birthday. This was the hardest secret to keep, and I’m incredibly happy to finally let the cat out of the bag!

When Katarina Roccella put out a call for projects using her newest line of fabrics called “Mediterraneo”, I immediately jumped into an hours-long design bender. I had been to the Mediterranean years ago, and wanted to capture a bit of the geometric style and artistic tile found throughout the area yet have a design that allowed the fabrics to really shine through large, uncut areas. I distinctly remember binge watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix when I got the email that my project was accepted to be a part of her lookbook!

I squealed. I danced. It was like winning a lifetime supply of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

I’ve set some design challenges for myself this year, one being more wall hangings – I love a small project in between quilts, and have a constant rotation of mini quilts through my living room depending on my mood and the season. Introducing the Tanzanite mini quilt – a bold and fun pattern that showcases your favorite fabrics and comes together surprisingly quickly!

Get the pattern!

Tanzanite Etsy.jpg

This project also has a special meaning to me – my husband proposed to me while on a trip to Europe years ago. He bought a beautiful blue tanzanite ring in Lithuania and asked me to be his wife in front of the Vilnius cathedral – of course, in my shock and confusion all I could squeak out at first was “Is is real?!”…afraid he was playing a joke on me!

Not my smoothest moment, and we still laugh about that to this day.

Needless to say, I recovered my wits and happily said yes to the man I love to the ends of the world. I ultimately picked out a diamond engagement ring before we left Lithuania, but I now wear a tanzanite band in my wedding to remind me of that day and the week following we spend walking around Greece, soaking in the Mediterranean sun deliriously happy and newly engaged.

We didn’t tell anyone until we returned to the states- that secret was also hard to keep!

I hope you love this little project as much as I do.




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