Personal quilts

Lowcountry quilt

Reminiscent of classic vintage quilts, this scrappy quilt was designed specifically for my mother yet happened completely by accident.


All makers make mistakes. This favorite winter quilt was a lesson in humility.

Fleet and Flourish

This quilt was an unexpected color-splosion that taught me to branch out of my comfort zone.

La Passacaglia

My long term personal project – a La Passacaglia English paper pieced quilt in Bonnie and Camille.

InBlue Cross Tiles

A successful arranged marriage between InBlue fabrics and the Cross Tiles pattern.

First Crush Charm

My first personal quilt that now lives with my Grandma – find the free pattern here!

Sugar Pie Scrappy Trip

The quilt that didn’t want to be sewn – a gift for my sweet and sassy sister.


A handmade trade! A Niner quilt for a herringbone coffee table – one of my most treasured gifts.

Baby quilts 2017

A collection of baby quilts from 2017.

Wild Soul in Indie Folk

A scrappy jelly roll, fat quarter, or fat eighth friendly pattern! One of my very favorite quilts, ever.

She Spoke

A collaboration charity quilt with my friend and quilty mentor, Becky, in honor of her best friend.

Rebel quilt in V & Co Ombre

A particularly rebellious Rebel quilt in V and Co ombre fabrics.

Wild Soul: Purple and teal scrap attack

A Wild Soul made from all my favorite fabrics!

Tanzanite mini quilt

Mini quilt pattern for a quick weekend project! Designed to feature your favorite fabrics with large, uncut areas and fun details like a fussy-cut friendly center.

Buttercup quilt – the bumblebee palette

Well, I’m quite a few months late introducing this pattern to the website… She’s my first quilt pattern since the little bug was born, and lets just say I’m pulled in a 1000000 directions nowadays and somehow this checkbox fell off the wagon. I…