Sugar Pie Scrappy Trip

This quilt did not want to exist. It just didn’t.

I used the tutorial found at Woodberry Way to make this Scrappy Trip quilt from a jelly roll of Sugar Pie. The fabric reminded me of my sister and the pattern seemed straightforward enough. But a quilt was ever to be cursed, it was this one.

First I sewed half a dozen blocks backwards. I ripped seams.

I pressed half of the blocks the wrong direction. I re-pressed seams.

I sewed my first two rows together wrong. I ripped more seams.

Then I LOST a block. An entire block!! I ordered more fabric and remade it.

I’ve ripped my fair share of seams in quilts, and have no shame in doing so. But every single time I sat down to work on this quilt, something would go wrong. It was maddening! I didn’t even want to finish it!

But then the sweetest thing happened. I told my sister I wanted to make her a quilt – we browsed fabrics together and I showed her lots of examples of quilts, and you know what she picked?!

A scrappy trip in Sugar Pie. No kidding.

I swear, I have never been so happy to send a quilt off to a long-arm! By the time it came back with a soft minky backing I had forgiven it a little. But I was even more happy to send this quilt to Indiana to wrap my baby sister up tight. Even before she picked this pattern and fabric I was reminded of her as I sewed – the blues and pinks are so soft and sweet, but with some bold streaks…much like my sassy little sister.

Time heals all wounds they say – and now I’ve got the itch to sew another Scrappy Trip for myself. Hopefully the next around will go smoother!

Unless I’m still cursed. Time will tell.




Quilting: Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting

Fabric: Sugar Pie by Lella Boutique

Pattern: Modified Scrappy Trip – tutorial by Woodberry Way

Completed: August 2017


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