Rebel quilt in V & Co Ombre



I affectionately call this quilt my hot mess – she’s quite unlike anything I have made before, and I’ve come to really love this quilt. Unfortunately, it was a commissioned quilt and now lives with someone else. On the other hand, it’s someone who loves it just as much as I do. Client quilts are so hard to part with!

I had initially planned to make a Rebel quilt by Libs Elliot using V & Co original ombre fabrics with some of my favorite neutrals and text throw in. However, I tend to quilt like I cook…meaning I couldn’t get past the first step without totally deviating from the pattern.

I mean, I design my own quilts and build my own furniture. It’s just in my nature.

That being said, I did make the allotted number and type of Rebel blocks the pattern asked for, even if my color placement was way off base. I spent the next eon carefully arranging the blocks according to the pattern as best I could, trying to get the approximate layout correct with relatively few tweaks.

Halfway through sewing the blocks into rows, the lower half of the quilt fell off the design wall into a giant puddle of brightly colored half-square triangles.


Deciding I had basically deviated to the point that my quilt was now simply a random assortment of Rebel blocks, I forged on with the creative liberty of modern artists – all accidents are opportunities to increase the randomness of the design!

Or at least that’s what I told myself as I pressed at least three rows backwards and chose to flip them around rather than re-press them. 🙂

What finally came to be was a colorful, bright, modern piece of art that was heavily inspired by and should still credit Libs Elliot – my Rebel was just a little more rebellious than the others.

Super soft minky backing, expert quilting by Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting, and my favorite binding fabric (part of the Sage collection by Bari J) finished it up and I sent her on the journey to a new home.

(Most of my quilts are female, in case you were wondering. After spending so many hours working on them I can’t help but personify the projects, and they end up developing their own little personalities and stories.)

Moral of this story – allow yourself some creative license from time to time! It’s more fun to break the rules anyway. If there were rules in quilting…which there aren’t.

Except use a 1/4″ seam. Don’t break that rule.

But I digress.

You can find the Rebel quilt pattern here!







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