This quilt was actually not made by me, but it’s such a special quilt it deserves a page of it’s own.

My friend Becky (@beckyjoquilts)  and I decided to do a handmade trade! I was an ambitious amateur carpenter prior to this sewing obsession, so we agreed that I would make her a herringbone coffee table in exchange for a Niner quilt. (Pattern here.)

Best. Idea. Ever.

Only problem was, she was a much more experienced quilter than I was a carpenter! I was so anxious that my coffee table wouldn’t turn out and be worthy of the trade that I dragged my feet over it for months!! Becky, on the other hand, went turbo mode and had this baby done in a matter of weeks. Egged on by sneak peeks and finally a picture of the binding going on, I finally finished up the coffee table and was delightfully pleased, to say the least.

It was hard to see my hard work leave, but when she unfurled this beauty I knew I had the better end of the deal! She made this quilt with a mix of Bonnie and Camille’s Handmade and Vintage Picnic lines, with some surprise older prints mixed in. (She even included some April Showers – my favorite!) You can see me down there trying to pick my favorite nine patch combo – impossible! By the time we did our trade, I was also making quilts of my own, so it was doubly special to receive such a beautiful gift from none other than my quilting mentor.

It just so happens that Niner is also Becky’s favorite quilt, and without planning to do so, we both brought our Niners to Magnolia for the 2017 Silobration! So that was a fun surprise – and added yet another cherished memory to this quilt’s story.

Be generous with your talents – gifting handmade is one of the dearest ways to say “I love you, I’m glad you’re in my life”.




Pieced and finished by: Becky Hoss

Quilting: Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting

Fabric: Misc. Bonnie and Camille for Moda

Pattern: Niner by Thimble Blossoms

Completed: April 2016








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