La Passacaglia

I bought the book.

I bought the templates.

Now I stitch.

I call this my ten year project, and it very well may end up that way! I only work on it when I travel, so this ongoing post will be a little journal of the progress, as well as stories from each rosette. So far, this quilt has been to six states!

I decided to make the quilt using all Bonnie and Camille fabrics. I appreciate how much their lines coordinate each time a new one comes out, so I don’t have to worry about hoarding fabric!

Rosette 1: 2017

Most of this rosette was stitched with my family at the Rushville Steam Show, our annual family reunion. My husband didn’t go that year, so I sat in a lawn chair with my little dog Rigby at my side and listened to the whistles of the steam engines.


Rosette 2: 2017-2018 (in progress)

This might be my most traveled rosette when it’s finished! One of four large rosettes, I started this piece in Charleston, SC on a girls trip but most of this rosette was stitched over Christmas. We drove home to Indiana and Ohio, and on the way home I found out it didn’t make me carsick! Win!! The rest of the drive through Kansas was much more enjoyable after that. In January, it made the trip to Ely, Minnesota with me for a dog-sledding trip with my mom. And technically, it also spent 6 hours driving through Wisconsin with me. 🙂


Check back now and then for more progress! Slow and steady.

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