InBlue Cross Tiles


Be still my beating heart.

That’s what I thought when Katarina Roccella released this line, called InBlue. It was just one of those fabric moments…the kind when you know the designer made it just for you. It was unlike anything I had made up to this point, but something about it just grabbed my attention.

I know you understand.

I waited rather impatiently for the line to hit my favorite quilt shop – I’m pretty sure I was the very first order! But it landed on my doorstep and rather than my usual design paralysis (see my Fleet and Flourish quilt for a description of that agony), I cut into it toot sweet.

PS – I’m from rural Indiana.

You see, I had this pattern picked for InBlue before it even released…an arranged marriage of sorts. It’s called Cross Tiles by Emily Dennis and it’s one of my favorite patterns ever. (Find it here!) I was searching for a pattern that would show off those large scale prints but not look too simplistic. It was a breeze to chain piece and went together oh-so-quickly. I love this pattern so much I’ve considered making a second!

Because I was already so far away from my typically colorless comfort zone I picked the most outrageous print in the collection to bind it with, and here it is…my “arranged marriage” quilt! It doesn’t match a thing in our home and was bold by my still-expanding color standards at the time, but I love, love, love it. A minky backing made it a permanent fixture on our couch to this day.

Don’t be afraid to branch out of your normal style if something catches your eye – if you always make what you like, you’ll always like it!




Quilting: Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting

Fabric: InBlue by Katarina Roccella for AGF

Pattern: Cross Tiles by Emily Dennis

Completed: June 2017


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