Fleet and Flourish


This quilt was unexpected. Let me tell you why.

Picture me: I’m wearing blue jeans, a solid color t-shirt (probably black), and black ballet flats. No make-up. No jewelry.

Picture my home: We have gray walls, white kitchen cabinets, wooden accents, a white duvet on our bed, and maybe a blue throw pillow here or there. Not one of those “pops of color” blue throw pillows. Like just trying to be subtle and blend in kind of blue throw pillows. I’m not…how should I put it…good with colors?

You see why anyone who knows me never – ever – would have guessed this color-splosion would have made it into my life?

But for some unexplained reason, I fell in total love with Maureen Cracknell’s Fleet and Flourish line. But being a newbie quiler, I had TOTAL PATTERN PARALYSIS.

Has this happened to you? When you buy THAT fabric you’ve just died over, and you can’t decide what to make with it?! Ugh – it’s the worst. It gave me the heebies just thinking about dicing it up and spending hours sewing something I might hate in the end.

But then. Oh, but then. Inspiration struck. And by inspiration, I mean I found the quilt I wanted to completely, shamelessly, thoroughly copy. Crazy Mom Quilts made a giant half-square triangle quilt with this very fabric line, with some pops of solid yellow. (See it here.) So…I found some bold yellow and went to town. Technically, I made slightly smaller HSTs and used two prints from my stash, so does that make it “inspired by”?

I literally copied her tree picture. I’m a little ashamed by that.

But after I’ve gained some experience, I’ve learned two things:

  1. It’s okay to copy! Beginner and experienced quilters alike – make what you think is beautiful. If you can give credit to your inspiration, it’s appreciated.
  2. I love colorful quilts. Surprise!

Oh, and it was my first go with swirling pinwheel seams. That was kinda fun. 🙂

This has stayed a favorite quilt, and now I’m way more confident with color in my quilts. You may surprise yourself too one day!




Quilting: Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting

Fabric: Fleet and Flourish by Maureen Cracknell for AGF

Pattern: Adaptation of Crazy Mom Quilt’s adaptation of Jeni Baker’s Vast pattern 🙂

Completed: March 2017




2 Comments on “Fleet and Flourish

  1. Just recently discovered your patterns and stories and going back in time. I am the opposite – too many colors. But this is a perfect quilt for me. My husband checks me before I go out and says “That’s too many colors for a Panda Bear.” This has textures and pattern and colors, oh my!


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