All makers make mistakes. This favorite winter quilt was a lesson in humility.

But first – it was an obsession.

I saw this quilt made with Katerina Roccella’s Blithe fabrics in the Art Gallery Fabrics Lookbook for the collection. I actually gasped. Like oh-my-god-that’s-the-most-beautiful-quilt-I’ve-ever-seen-ever-ever-ever. (Free pattern here🙂 And you know what the amazing thing is about all these talented fabric and pattern designers out there?

They let you make their things!

I promptly downloaded the free pattern and ordered the necessary fabric. Oh, but only after doing about a week’s worth of quilty math because the pattern makes a king-sized quilt?


But nevertheless, she persisted, and on February 28th, 2017, I took this photo on my fence.

I was in love. I loved it. Just head over heels. Quilted by Abby Latimer in a design reminiscent of warm knit sweaters and a soft minky back, I was pretty sure it was the most beautiful thing I had ever made and was feeling pretty proud of myself.

Have you seen it yet? No – not the quilt. The mistake.

I posted this photo to my Instagram account and IMMEDIATELY saw the upside down block. My heart sank. I. was. devastated. So disappointed there was a giant, glaring flaw in this piece of art I had tears in my eyes. After so many kind comments from other quilters on Instagram I started to believe that maybe it wasn’t such a big deal after all…

Because every maker makes mistakes.

This quilt has been a fixture on our couch since the day I pulled it from the dryer. Sharing it with my husband while watching TV makes my heart sing more than a lovely photo on a fence. It’s a favorite in our home, and I haven’t noticed that silly upside down block since February 28th.

So don’t you worry about mistakes. I can promise you they don’t matter when your quilt graduates from project to blanket.




Quilting: Abby Latimer of Latimer Lane Quilting

Fabric: Blithe by Katarina Roccella for AGF

Pattern: Windowscape, free in the Blithe Lookbook

Completed: February 2017


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