Idea Board

As much as I wish I could, I can't make every version of these quilts I'd like to see! On this page, you'll find not only the color palettes of existing quilts but EQ8 mock-ups of quilts in new and popular fabrics lines. It's a moving target, so check back often to see what's been added!

Color guides

Are these lines out of print? Use these color guides to build a similar palette!








Occasionally I'll recolor quilt patterns in upcoming or popular designer lines. When I do, I'll post them here for you all to enjoy!

Lowcountry quilt in Alma by Ruby Star Society - The Lowcountry pattern is currently getting some needed updates, but soon it will be available again and hopefully with this on the cover!


Wild Soul in Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille - this line is a little out of date now, but how pretty is this Christmas Wild Soul?! The great thing about B&C is their color palette stays relatively consistent, so a similar look can be achieved with their newest lines as well!