RebaLeigh Handmade

RebaLeigh Handmade was born from a love of creating and desire to turn my hobby into a sustainable business. From the time I was little, handmade gifts were my expressions of love. Quilting became a way to reach across generations of women and pass down a love for handmade to others.

I began with baby quilts and pillows and quickly started designing patterns as well. My first two patterns were born from my mother’s Christmas quilt – read more about the stories behind my quilts on my projects page.

Reba Leigh is a nickname my aunt uses for me now and then – she and I share an intense love for creating, and it was only fitting I acknowledge not only her but all the women in my family who have encouraged me to dive in and try new things.

Meet the maker

I’ve been a maker my entire life – from a full decade of 4-H projects, charcoal drawings with my grandmother, a handmade dress…once, music, dance, a brief attempt at painting (I’m terrible), and some really awful interior design ideas manifested in my old apartments – I’ve always been drawn to the creative arts. I love learning new ways to create and while my interior design experiments have dramatically improved, I still want to learn to knit!

I’m not only a maker, but a do-er! Long ago, I quit defining myself by my career or hobbies – I enjoy learning and am constantly trying new things. I grew up on a farm in central Indiana raising pigs, goats, and rabbits and those country roots and little rural twang still run deep. I’m a Purdue pharmacy grad and my years there included many weekends with my fellow Outing Club members driving out of state to kayak, climb, hike, and generally spend as much time as possible bonding around a campfire.

Now my husband and I happily live in Colorado where we still find time to adventure together. I work a crazy full-time night shift schedule at a Denver hospital with the good soul who taught me to quilt! Work-life balance is a golden ticket, if you can find it.

Be kind, to our planet and to one another.