Buttercup Quilt pattern release!

Well, I’m quite a few months late introducing this pattern to the website… She’s my first quilt pattern since the little bug was born, and lets just say I’m pulled in a 1000000 directions nowadays and somehow this checkbox fell off the wagon.

I bought a planner yesterday. That should help.

At any rate – the Buttercup quilt is out in the wild! Buttercup was the nickname my family had for my daughter before she was born, and it was the perfect namesake for my first pattern release as a mother. However big, she will always be my little Buttercup.

This quilt showcases what is becoming a style of mine – scrappy, simple blocks set on point. Instructions are included to make it with fat quarters, fat eighths, and even a jelly roll + charm pack! As always, my cutting instructions are written so you can easily bust through your scraps as well.

Before you go, lets just have a moment of appreciation for that beautiful backing – I hoarded that lemon print from Bari J’s Sage line for-ev-ah. I’m happy to say Buttercup was a worthy recipient.

Grab the pattern and get a headstart on spring sewing!

Love, Rebecca

Fabric: Misc from my stash

Quilted by: Nicole Christoffersen of KwiltIt!


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