Learn to Quilt Series – Introduction!

As do most of my ideas, this one started with a conversation.

A few conversations actually.


I’ve had a very surprising amount of friends and family show interest in quilting – surprising to me at least! For some reason, even though I’ve connected with a large number of quilters through social media, it still seems like something no one actually does in real life….like all these very real people I talk to and interact with on a regular basis were just these internet beings who made beautiful things…but yet they also have jobs and families and stand in line at grocery stores and walk their dogs and therefore may actually be someone I pass in the hallways at work!

I don’t know. I just didn’t think that anyone outside of my little quilty internet bubble actually cared about quilts.

Yet more and more people were asking me questions. I remember being a curious beginner – so lost, so confused, and so grateful to have a mentor while I was learning that I began to think…what if instead of vaguely pointing these people to the interwebs for tutorials or recommending a local quilting class (confession…I hate classes and have never taken one for sewing…) what if I actually hosted an online beginner series? A virtual sew-along geared towards folks who have never touched a sewing machine but want to give it a go!

So that’s exactly what I did. Better yet, it’s a never-ended quilt-along. The tutorials will live right here, and you can join at any time!


Learn to Quilt Series: Tutorial links

  1. Notions Part 1 – Sewing machine and basic supplies
  2. Notions Part 2 – Cutting and pressing supplies
  3. All about fabric!
  4. Basic cutting, sewing, and pressing
  5. Making your blocks!
  6. Tips for staying organized and sewing blocks into a quilt top
  7. How to attach borders and piece backing
  8. To quilt or not to quilt – professional long-arm services vs. quilting at home, plus a basting tutorial
  9. Quilt at home – machine quilting yourself
  10. Binding your finished quilt and quilt care

I’ve loved seeing all the quilts made through these tutorials, and I especially love sharing this hobby I’ve grown quite passionate about with friends new and old. It not only makes my day to see photos of quilts from my patterns, but it’s also a huge source of creative inspiration! If you feel inclined to share, you can find me here, on Instagram, and Facebook! (Mainly IG!)

On Instagram: @rebaleighhandmade

Share your creations: #rebaleighhandmade #rebaleighLearntoQuilt

On Facebook: @rebaleighhandmade

Happy sewing!



19 Comments on “Learn to Quilt Series – Introduction!

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  12. Love your the green and grey. i did one with different bleu . love that pattern.


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  14. I do not see how to get a copy of this PDF. I would love to get one.


    • The button was broken! I fixed it – the download button on this page should work now and give you the option to download or print the PDF pattern. Thanks!


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